Zachary P. Wills, PhD Assistant Professor, Neurobiology



Office: W1457 BSTWR
Phone: 412-624-9176

Research Interest

Neural Circuit Development and Dysfunction in Disease

The Hippocampal Circuit

A major focus of our lab is to understand how the development of neuronal circuits is orchestrated in the brain to enable the execution of complex tasks like learning and memory and how failures in this process contribute to disease.

Our work has uncovered novel mechanisms that function to restrict synapse and circuit development in the hippocampus. The focus of our research will be to uncover the molecular mechanisms that underlie synaptic restriction using high-resolution live imaging of an intact circuit. In combination with molecular and biochemical approaches, we aim to define what are the molecular mediators controlling this process and how they function to restrict synaptic development.This work may have direct relevance for several human neurological diseases since several of the factors we have identified may contribute to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsons’s disease. We have acquired mouse models for both these diseases and aim to uncover what role molecules involved in the establishment of hippocampal circuitry play in brain dysfunction resulting from these devastating neurological conditions.

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