William C De Groat, PhD Professor, Pharmacology



Office: 200 Lothrop Street W1352 BSTWR
Phone: 412-648-9357
Email: wcd2@pitt.edu
Fax: 412-648-1945

Research Interest

Dr. de Groat is interested in the autonomic nervous system and the neural regulation of pelvic visceral functions. Current studies focus on the reflex control of the urogenital tract and the mechanisms underlying transmission at central and peripheral autonomic synapses. These experiments are designed to examine (1) the neurotransmitters in the reflex pathways, (2) neuroplasticity during postnatal development or following neural injury, (3) the neural pathways responsible for the detection of visceral pain, and (4) the actions of drugs used to treat urogenital dysfunction. Experiments are conducted on a variety of preparations ranging from intact animals to isolated tissues, like spinal cord slices and dissociated neurons.

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