Schedule for Spring 2008

Mechanisms and Clinical Presentation of Pain 

(MSNBIO 2622, 3 semester hours)

Mondays and Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m., 1495 BSTWR

G.F. Gebhart, Course Director
Phone: 412-383-5911
Location: W1444 BSTWR

DateTopicPresenterReading Assignments
10 JanuaryCourse organization, pain terminology, pain overview
Pain Fellows case reports:
  • Juan Albino-Rodriguez
  • Robert Castro
  • Asif Chaudhry

G. Gebhart*


- Melzack & Wall (1965) - Pain mechanisms: A new theory
- E. Perl (2006) - Ideas about pain, a historical view
14 JanuaryPain Fellows case reports:
  • Brendan Coughtry
  • John Groner
  • Dean Mozeleski
16 JanuaryLuda Diatchenko-UNC
AllExpansion of the Genomic Architecture of the Human Mu Opioid Receptor Reveals a Novel Functional SNP
1105A Scaife Hall
17 JanuaryPain Fellows case reports:
  • Scott Palmer
  • Eric Robinson
  • Andrea Tan
21 JanuaryNo Class - Martin Luther King Holiday
24 JanuaryNociceptors IB.Davis* 
28 JanuaryNociceptors II / Dorsal horn structure and function-IB.Davis* / K. Koeber*
31 January
Dorsal horn structure and function –II
R. Koeber* 
04 FebruaryAscending pathways (sensory and affective)D. Molliver* 
07 FebruaryDescending modulatory pathways
Distribution of EXAM 1 (due start of class, 11 February)
G. Gebhart*
Gebhart (2004) – Descending modulation of pain; Mason (2005) - Ventromedial medulla: Pain modulation and beyond; and (2005) - Deconstructing endogenous pain modulation
11 FebruaryClinical Trails
M. Max*
14 FebruaryPain GeneticsM. Max* 
18 FebruaryInjury-induced changes
in afferent signaling
M. Gold*
20 FebruaryKen Hargreaves – U. Texas, San Antonio Seminar “A TRP through trigeminal nociceptors”
1105A Scaife Hall
21 FebruaryPre/peri/postoperative pain managementJ. Celly
25 FebruaryVisceral PainBielefeldt*, Medicine– Gastroenterol. 
28 February
Musculoskeletal painA. Delito
Physical Therapy
03 MarchPain - DevelopmentK. Albers*


06 MarchSex and Pain
K. Albers* 
10, 13 MarchSpring Break 
17 MarchHIV Pain
R. Arnold, Palliative Care 
19 MarchIrene Tracey – Oxford University  SeminarAllTitle to be announced
20 MarchNeuropathic pain
Distribution of EXAM  2 (due start of class, 24 March)
C. Bernstein


24 MarchInjury-induces changes in
dorsal horn signaling
R. Koerber*


27 MarchHeadacheR. Kaniecki,
Director, Headache Center
31 March
Psychological aspects of pain assessment and treatmentC. Greco
03 AprilPain and DepressionJ. Karp
07 AprilDorsal column stimulationP. Aguilar


10 AprilPain Fellows repriseAll
14 AprilFellows reprise/Student
16 AprilRobert Gereau –CANCELED SeminarAllAnother speaker Possible
1105A Scaife Hall
17 AprilFellows reprise/Student
21 AprilFinal Exam Week
Fellows reprise/Student


* Center for Pain Research faculty

  • Students registered in the course will be asked to select from a list a topic for a ‘term’ paper (10 double spaced pages, not including references, figures or tables).  The paper is Due Monday, 9 April and will constitute about 20% of the course grade.  Students will give an oral presentation (20 min) of the paper/topic at the end of the semester (which will constitute another 20% of the course grade).